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We are excited to announce that we are opening our inflatable waterpark at Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park this 2019 summer season!

Welcome to the most exciting aquatic attraction in Saskatchewan!   

Come slip, slide, jump, and splash with us!

Prepare to get soaked!

We are hiring Senior lifeguards and Junior Lifeguards, if your are interested please email your resume to!


Wild Waves Waterpark is a floating water park aimed towards people aged 5 and up. We will provide a fun, safe, and physical activity to the people of Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park. With our 85-person park allowing lots of opportunity for everyone to get a chance to play.

We are proud to be the first open-water park in Saskatchewan.

  Our Park offers:

· 5 foot small blob

·  9 foot big blob

· 16 foot jungle joe with slide

· 10 foot tower with slide and cliff 

· 10 foot teeter totter

· 12 foot Iceberg

· Multiple obstacles including- hurdles, balancing beams, ladder runs, column wall and more

· Trampoline

Safety is our top priority. Wild Waves Waterpark is supervised by certified life guards. Life jackets are supplied.




· All patrons must have a waiver signed, if under age 18 it must be signed by a responsible guardian.

· Children must be minimum 5 years old, and minimum of 3 feet 6 inches in height.

· Children ages 5-9 require adult supervision or someone 16 years and older to assist them.

· Children 10 and older may use the park on their own with a signed waiver from a responsible guardian.

· Children ages 5-9 are not allowed on the large blob tower.

· Provided Life jackets must be worn by everyone at all times.

· No going under obstacles.

· Wait for the slides/blobs to be clear of others before use. Look out for younger kids.

· All patrons must be competent swimmers.

· Be respectful.

· No drugs or alcohol allowed, sober fun.

· No diving, enter the water feet first.

· Slide feet first, enter the water feet first.

· All sharp objects, such as jewellery, watches, and keys must be removed prior to entering the waterpark.

· Since we are weather dependent and safety is our main priority, management reserve the right to close the park if a storm moves in or is approaching. A horn will be blown, and all patrons will EXIT the park and remain on shore until the storm has passed

· In Case of a medical emergency, lifeguards may instruct all patrons to EXIT the park and remain on shore until further notice.

· Only use the Wild Waves Waterpark during the official opening hours.

· Only use the Wild Waves Waterpark in the presence of lifeguards.

Although we make every effort to ensure your safety, we do not assume responsibility for your safety or personal belongings. 




Are there any restrictions?

· all patrons must have a waiver signed by a responsible guardian-in the soon future we will have this online for you to print and complete at home to bring completed

· all patrons must be competent swimmers

· children must be ages five and up

· children under ten must be accompanied by an adult

Where can personal items be stored?

· If you do not want to leave your personal items in your car, we will provide secure storage for smaller items (cell phone, keys, wallet)

What forms of payment do we offer?

· For the 2019 season we will only be accepting cash payments

Is our waterpark supervised?

· Yes, Trained water safety personnel supervise our waterpark



We are going to be offering one hour and two hour sessions

Which includes a 5 minute safety meeting.

Hour rates

$15 per person includes tax

Two hours rates

$25 per person includes tax


On  Tuesdays and Wednesdays $10 per person for one  hour includes tax 

Early Bird and Twilight discount $10 per person for one hour includes tax ( Sunday-Thursday 10-11 am and 5-6 pm, Friday and Saturday 10-11 am, and 7-8 pm.)

Seasonal/Family pass $75 includes tax

 6 x 1 hour passes (save $15)

PLEASE NOTE: For the 2019 season we will be accepting cash payments only. 

Location at rowan's ravine provincial park, last mountain lake

Please see the map showing our approximate location. The red dot is where the waterpark will be located and the orange dot is where our booth will be set up.


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Operation hours

Open June 28th to September 2nd 

Sunday-Thursday open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Friday and Saturday open 10 a.m. to 8p.m. 

We are weather permitting, please follow us on Facebook for up  to date information to confirm if we are open if weather is not ideal.

Wild Waves Waterpark

Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada